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booking requirements

How can I book a boat on Maritime Rent?

You can either book through our website:

Otherwise, if you prefer you can book in person at our shop Maritime Supply, which is situated in Via Silvio Spaventa 29 R in Genova in Sampierdarena. Or call us on +39 346 850 5038.

Is a deposit required for the book rental?

When booking both online, over the phone or in person at Maritime Supply, you will be required to pay an advance of 100% of the total rental cost.

Is there a minimum age to rent a boat?
A minimum age of 21 is required. 
Is it necessary to have a boat licence to rent a boat?

No, a boat licence is not needed as our rental boats have engines that reach a speed of 40hp (horsepower). You only need a valid identity document.

What documents and procedures are required for the boat rentals?

It is required that you present a valid identity document. This must be an original document such as an identity card, a passport or a driving licence.


What is the price of the boat rental?

The price includes VAT and statutory taxes as well as third-party liability insurance. There is an excess of € 300 on any damage caused by the customer.
The price includes an introductory briefing by our staff, the cleaning of the boat after use and assistance with collection and delivery at the Marina Genova Airport.
The price does not include: fuel consumed during the use of the boat, any damage or loss of equipment or penalties for returning the boat after the deadline.


What types of payment methods are accepted?

With Maritime Rent, you can either pay with cash, VISA or Mastercard credit cards, debit cards or Bancomat.
The security deposit can be paid by traditional credit cards belonging to the VISA and Mastercard circuits.

When do I need to pay for the boat rental?

You will pay for the boat rental at the time of booking. You will be requested to pay a deposit before departing on the boat.


Is it necessary to pay a deposit for the boat rental and how is it requested?
The customer is required to pay a security deposit, which is refundable. This can be paid in cash or by traditional credit cards (with embossed numbers) belonging to the VISA and Mastercard circuits. The deposit is € 300.

The deposit will be returned at the end of the rental, if the boat, engine and on-board equipment are returned in the same condition in which they were originally provided, therefore without damage and with full on-board equipment.


Are the boats insured?

All of our boats are RC insured. You will be required to pay a security deposit (refundable) of €300. The insurance does not cover the personal items of all people on board.

It does not cover damage done by the customer to the boat itself or any loss of material present in the inventory on board.


What is meant by rental day? What are the pick-up and drop-off times?
The boat rentals are available for the customer to depart at 9am to 6pm, which is the deadline without any extra charges. 


How many people can go on board the boat? Is a child classed as an adult?

On our website: you can find all the models of the rental boats that are available as well as the maximum number of people allowed onboard the boats.

We advise you not to exceed the permitted capacity, so that you have maximum comfort and pleasure aboard as well as for safety reasons.

Children on board are counted as adults, however we provide life jackets suitable for young children at no extra charge.


What options and comforts are onboard?
All our boats are equipped with audio Bluetooth and a sun awning to provide the maximum comfort on board. Our boats are also equipped with a GPS system and depth sounder, which is very useful for knowing your position and making the most out of your fishing trips. On our website: we have pages dedicated to each boat giving details of equipment installed on board. 


How do we collect the boat?
You will meet with a member of our staff on the day and time established when booking. The staff member will show and present the navigation rules and together you will check the conditions of the boat. Any damages already present and the fuel level at the time of boarding will be noted on the delivery report. 

After this our staff member will brief you on how to use the boat and show you its characteristics and on-board equipment. They will also show you a map of the navigation area. Once the briefing is complete, you will depart on your journey. 


How to behave during the rental? What are the navigation rules you must respect?

The customer is responsible for safe and correct use of the boat as well as its equipment. They will also have to follow the instructions and rules, which were given by our staff member prior to departing.

If you have any problems during your journey, for example water infiltration, temperature rise, unusual vibrations or noises, you are required to contact us immediately by phone. The boat must be returned to the correct place and time previously agreed on the rental agreement.

We therefore ask you to call us in case of difficulty or delay in returning the boat on time.


What is the fuel consumption of the boat?

The average consumption for a 40 horsepower boat is between 6-8 litres per hour, which varies according to the use of the engine, the weight carried and the weather conditions.
Is the price of the fuel included in the rental price?
The fuel is not included in the rental price. We will give you the boat with a full tank of fuel. When you return the boat, Maritime staff will carry out the refuelling with you, which you will need to pay in cash.  


What happens if I need to modify or cancel my booking?

Or what happens in the case of damage, a fine, delay, an accident or bad weather?

Modifying your booking:
If you need to modify your booking, you should let us know as soon as possible. If you modify before 10 days of the booking, Maritime Supply Sas (reference company for Maritime Rent) will help you to find another available time for you. After that time, Maritime Rent  will be unable to modify your booking.

If you need to cancel your booking, you should let us know as soon as possible. If you cancel before 10 days of the booking, Maritime Supply Sas (reference company for Maritime Rent) will refund you 50% of the total amount of the booking. After that time, Maritime Rent  is entitled to keep the full payment that was paid previously during the time of booking. 

If the boat is damaged, you have to inform Maritime Rent as soon as possible and Maritime Supply Sas is entitled to charge a portion of the deposit fee in order to pay for the damages. This will depend on the extent of the damage. 

If you are fined, you must contact us immediately and give us a detailed explanation of what happened. 

Delay in returning the boat:
If you find that you are delayed in returning the boat, we ask that the client informs us as soon as possible. After 15 minutes, Maritime Supply will change € 30. 

An accident:
In the case of an accident, it is essential that you write a report of the incident with the other driver of the boat involved as well as including their signatures and the signatures of any witnesses. Also, you should find out the name and address of the driver’s insurance company. 

Bad weather:
If there is bad weather during the day you have booked your boat, it is possible to rebook for another day during the rental period and depending on availability. If this is not possible, Maritime Supply will refund you the total amount of the booking.